Saturday, September 27, 2008

Memory Dress, mixed media

Above is an image of the first memory dress I made. I bought the doll gown at an antiques/junk shop and covered most of the surface with buttons. I attached a few trinkets to the gown - a doll arm, a cherub head, a small plastic King Cake baby, and a tiny 19th century tintype of two girls. I used the doll dress as a substitute for the female body and the materials helped to convey the ideas of the past, girlhood, and passing down traditional female gender roles. The idea for encrusting the surface of the doll dress with buttons and trinkets came from seeing and being drawn to memory jugs/jars.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Diary, mixed media collage

Years ago I bought a diary in an antiques store. It was written by a young woman in an accounts receivable journal. The first entry is dated January 1, 1910 and reads: "This, the first day of the new year, I begin my Diary. I shall try to put down facts, whether I shall succeed or not is for me to wait and see." The signature is a little hard to read, but it looks like Clara (or Claire) Stealey.

Here is a collage that I made using a scanned page from Clara's diary. It's titled - you guessed it - Diary. The top of the collage has a stenciled hourglass. On the bottom, I sewed a circle and stenciled the words "in memory". The text originally came from a rubbing that I made of a gravestone epitaph in Cape Cod, MA.

So. September 22, 2008. This, the first day of Autumn, I begin my Blog. I shall try to update it weekly, whether I shall succeed or not depends a whole lot upon my tendency toward procrastination.