Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Hesitation Waltz Anniversary

Kym Hepworth / Diary / Acrylic, thread & inkjet on paper / 16 x 10 ½ in. / 2005

Today, dear blog, is our one year anniversary. For my first post, I wrote about the collage, Diary, and how I had stenciled motifs from gravestone rubbings on top of scanned pages of a young woman's diary. I thought about how I'd like to mark the one year anniversary of Hesitation Waltz and I decided to share the complete diary here. The diary is handwritten (in script, in pencil) on an accounts receivable journal. Unfortunately, the hardest word to decipher is the diarist's first name. I believe it's Clara, or some variation of the name Claire. I found the diary in an antiques store. It was written in 1910, almost 100 years ago. If I were a slightly more patient person, I would wait until January 1, 2010 to begin this project and then post her diary entries on the corresponding days. Not a bad idea, huh? Turns out I'm not that patient. I thought I'd also post images of found photographs from roughly around the same time period of the diary. I believe Clara was a teenager, but I have no way of knowing her exact age, what she looked like, or where she lived. Here's Clara's first entry:

"January 1 - 1910

This, the first day of the new year, I begin my Diary. I shall try to put down facts, whether I shall succeed or not is for me to wait and see.
Clara Stealey

Evening -

Uncle John's were all up to New Years dinner; Lelia and I went to "The Show" this afternoon and met Tom; he came up and stayed until after 5:00 o'clock; ate a lunch then went down street and around to the Library; Met Tom, bummed around for a while then went to Dreamland, from there to Uncle John's and then "Home". Enjoyed myself immensely to-day."

found photograph (where I was born)

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Wow! I love this little piece of history! It's fascinating and really cool how you did it!

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