Friday, October 16, 2009

excerpt from Ghost in the Castle

"Uncle Wull tossed a few more logs on the fire. "Anyway it's a good tale, is it no, for a wild night?" "It is that," agreed Angus. It was wonderful, this feeling that was in him of knowing fear and safety both at the same time. He sat very still letting his body savor the full sweetness of it. A good tale for a wild night it had been all right. Only that and nothing more. For who believed in ghosts today? It was strange, though, how just talking about them made the skin tighten and grow cold on one's neck. Strange how the thin voice of an old man named Dugal Comrie could echo across sixty years of time. An old man who believed he had seen the ghost of Craigie Castle. An old man who had been found dead in the heather still believing it. . . .

found photograph (Dunvegan Castle, Skye)

Angus got up quietly from his chair and crossed to the window. The blackness outside was the blackness of the grave. It lay thick against the window pane, endlessly deep and high and wide. He stared out into the vast nothingness. Out there was Dunnach Moor. And in Dunnach Moor was a great crumbling pile of stone. Craigie Castle.

found photograph (The Old Man of Storr, Skye)

Suddenly the blackness outside the window was shattered with a brilliant flash of light. Angus felt his breath leave his body as Dunnach Moor, lonely and desolate in the distance, leaped into brightness. For one fierce, white instant he almost believed he could see the far-off towers of Craigie Castle. Then, with the blackness, came an enormous crash of thunder overhead." (Ghost in the Castle by William MacKellar, David McKay Company, Inc., NY, © 1960)

Kym Hepworth / The Castle at Night / 2008 / mixed media / 17 ¼ x 8 1/8 x 4 ¼ in.

(for wee Laurie Renton)

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