Saturday, October 10, 2009

Stefanie Beyeler: Paintings, Drawings and Illustrations

Stefanie Beyeler is a talented Graphic Designer living in Thun, Switzerland. She recently included one of my drawings in an Etsy treasury that she curated. I want to share a few of her beautiful works with you. The two drawings below are from a series in black and white, her grey ladies, and they are available on her Etsy shop Beyeler.

Stefanie Beyeler / Not Amused / pencil and acrylic color on cardboard / 4.8 x 8.6" or 12.2 x 22 cm

Stefanie Beyeler / Rather Bored / pencil and acrylic color on cardboard / 5.7 x 8.6" or 14.6 x 22 cm

Below is a work from her website.

Stefanie Beyeler / Haushalt (Household) / digitally altered scan

I think Haushalt is a very moving and intriguing image. The woman sits with her back to the viewer, so that there is no interaction with her to disrupt our gaze from traveling over her body. Her intense red hair, hanging loose, accentuates her sensuality. Tattoos of domesticity brand her porcelain-like skin. Her delicate, fragile body is transformed into an item for our consumption, like a beautiful piece of blue and white transferware. I e-mailed Stefanie, asking her what inspired this work, and she replied:
"I bought a book from 1936 in a thrift store with 500 self portraits. So few of them are made by women, and I was wondering how women would have had the time to do arts when housework was even more time consuming than now. So I put those pictures of old household stuff like tattoos over her body. And she's sitting on a piece of scanned household tissue."
Stefanie has a blog for her illustrations and another blog that she started with her sister, Natalie Springhart, a journalist living in Breisgau, Germany. Together, in The Princess That Wouldn't Eat, they are creating a fairy tale story about a princess, who first becomes anorectic and then bulimic.

Speaking of princesses and fairy tales ... Three Nuts for Cinderella is a Czech-German fairy tale film from 1973. In this version, Cinderella is more independent and a bit of a tomboy. Her wishes are granted by dropping three nuts to the floor. I remember watching it as a kid and loving it. There are film clips with English subtitles on YouTube if you're interested in seeing more.

Tři oříšky pro Popelku
(German: Drei Haselnüsse für Aschenbrödel, English: Three Nuts for Cinderella, Three Gifts for Cinderella [UK title] and Three Wishes for Cinderella)

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