Monday, October 4, 2010

countdown to Halloween: a ghost is born

A Ghost In Black

An Iowa City Terribly Excited by a Ghost Changing Her Raiment.
"Albia, Ia., Aug. 18. --It has now been over a month since Albia's "ghost in black" began to frighten the good people of this city. As time wears on the mystery grows deeper. Instead of being clad in the usual robes of white, the figure, which is that of a female, goes arrayed in flowing garments of black. Night after night her ghostly form goes prowling about the streets between 11 and 3. All attempts to clear up the mystery or prove her identity are fruitless, scores of men and boys being constantly on the alert for her capture, but she always eludes them, even gunshots going wide of their mark. Children returning home late in the evening have been chased and nearly frightened to death, while ladies, for whom the ghost seems to have an especial aversion, dare not leave their homes after dark lest they be chased. Various descriptions of the form are given, some saying the figure is that of a small woman, while others, who probably have been scared worse, declare she is six feet high. The town is in a regular furore and all sorts of stories are afloat."
(source for newspaper article and illustration: Saturday Telegram, Manchester, N.H., August 20, 1892, Vol. IV, No. 34)

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