Friday, January 28, 2011

Flower Study (vanitas) 1/28/11

"The color of the flowers
has faded
while I contemplated it,
as my body
passed through the world."

- Ono no Komachi (834-880)

Kym Hepworth, detail of quilt 1

Kym Hepworth, daffodils, stripes and shadows

Kym Hepworth, detail of quilt 2

Kym Hepworth, daffodils and stars

Kym Hepworth, detail of quilt 3

Happy Friday!

Robin and I went to see Yo La Tengo in Jacksonville, FL on Wednesday (the tickets were a Christmas present from Robin). It was well worth any loss of hearing - we loved them!!!

Yo La Tengo - Stockholm Syndrome

Yo La Tengo - Decora (live)

Yo La Tengo - Decora

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