Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Flower Study (vanitas) 2/2/11

The thermometer doesn't lie. I might. It's supposed to reach 70 degrees today in Savannah.

Kym Hepworth, daffodils, skeletons and zombie apocalypse!

excerpt from Zombie Apocalypse! created by Stephen Jones (entry from Maddy Wood's diary, age 13, dated Sunday, May 5):

"A thin stream of smoke rose up from the carpet and stank of burning. Maybe that's what made me look down. It must have been. She'd dropped her cigarette and it was burning a black hole in the carpet. It stank like plastic. I remember thinking that mum wouldn't like that and then I saw dad's shoes sticking out from behind the sofa and his feet were kind of shaking. There was a wet sound too, something slick and horrid and greedy, an then George gasped and started pulling me back. I remember his hand was hot and mine was cold. I remember peering over the back of the sofa and seeing dad.

Mum was straddling him. She looked funny with her skirt all hitched up and her tights torn. Mum's neat and tidy. She likes to look presentable. But this wasn't mum. It just looked like her. There was a knife in her shoulder. It was one of the ones from the block in the kitchen and it was right in to the hilt, but she didn't seem to notice it.

The vase from the coffee table was smashed around her and her hair was soaking wet and a daffodil hung loosely across the back of her untidy bun. The base was still in dad's hand, but his grip had gone. Water ran down mum's face and made pink paths through the crimson that smeared her chin. She didn't look at us, but buried her head back into dad's shoulder with a hiss. She sounded like a snake. It was yuk.

Dad let out a soft sigh. No scream or anything. But it was enough to make us run. . . ."

(source for quote: Zombie Apocalypse! created by Stephen Jones with Peter Atkins, Pat Cadigan, et al., published by Running Press Book Publishers, Philadelphia, PA © 2010)

Kym Hepworth, skeleton, daffodils and zombies

The Zombies - Tell Her No

Kym Hepworth, daffodil stems, skeleton and zombies (run!!!)

Del Shannon - Runaway

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